Work Experience

Idea Seed Marketing

Web Developer / UI / UX Designer

Roseville, CA
AUG 2013 – Present
  • Redesign and modify existing WordPress and CMS based themes for multiple web clients.
  • Create new landing pages as needed for specific campaigns such as special promotion
  • Duplicated and re-hosted WordPress installs for specific sites, re-skinning blogs for use with main sites as required.

Created many landing pages for use with PPC, and Specific Adwords campaigns created by the SEO team. Working hand in hand with the SEO team we refined landing pages with A/B tests to hone each of the pages into a finely tuned lead generation and response mechanism.

Hearing Med, Intell-A-Hear Alliance startup

Web Developer / UI / UX Designer

Roseville, CA
MAY 2013 – AUG 2013



Main web work was centered around several projects that were related to opening stores in the Sacramento and Yolo counties. There were three new locations that were opened while I was working on a new sales website. The main functionality of this WordPress CMS based website was to provide a way for the owner to customize a quote of sales projections easily, based on a few parameters. These paramerters were integrated into a form and upon sumbission it would dynamically populate an open source-based chart for the visitor.

Ultimately the technologies used in this project were HTML, HTML5, CSS3 – AJAX, JQuery and some PHP and a MySQL connection to a database.

The other bit of technology that was integrated was a scheduling system and way to modify a PDF composition for a client after being uploaded by the hearing med staff. The idea was have a way to quickly create revs of ads by enabling a client to update (markup) a PDF composition, then save changes, alerting all parties to the changes automatically.

Paramount Equity, LLC.
Web UX Designer
Roseville, CA
OCT 2011 – JAN 2013
Main Website:
Other websites I modified and maintained continuously: (see also Mobile)
Internal site intranet (not visible from outside) was built on SharePoint 2003, but maintained through HTML interface through Dreamweaver.
Tools used: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Drupal, WordPress, and custom CMS, PHP/MySQL and customized Mobile sites.
Robert Half Technology
Web UX Designer/ DB Developer
AUG 2010 – SEPT 2011
Created wireframes and content for the main website and graphics for email campaigns throughout the year. Provided graphics support throughout many of the non-profits’ fund raising efforts. Combined, filtered and streamlined a donor database, readying it for tax receipts, which are sent out in January.
California Association for Local Economic Development – CalEd
Email Alert Designer /
Web Developer &
Graphic Artist
Sacramento, CA
FEB 2010 – PRES
Work is still performed for this company, weekly email blasts
Main Website: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Drupal, WordPress, and custom CMS. Caled has many related sites such as ED Academy, and special reports they produce once a year for USDA. ED Academy is being revamped shortly. I recently finished publishing their new site: (a site built on the WordPress CMS and customized for a unique look, including an original logo created for the organization)
Web UX / UI Analyst
Optical Fuel, Design with Energy
APR 2001 – FEB 2013
Performed work for individuals and companies of various sizes, using my skills to complete over 40 websites most of which are presented in my online portfolio. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign. Flash, Custom Application development.
Ternion Design Group
Web Developer II
State of California – Parks and Recreation Division.
NOV 2007 – APR 2008
Creative work for projects such as California State Park Internal websites and main public facing website, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign. Flash, Custom Application development.
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