UX / UI Skills

What’s New? Responsive Web UX /UI Design. It’s the next big thing.

Maybe you’ve heard that term… ‘Responsive’, but exactly what is it? Simply put, it’s the latest and fastest growing innovation in Web architecture and it’s something you should keep your eye on.

So, What is Responsive Web Design?

Basically, it’s a way to build user experience or user interfaces that combine three mature technologies to create one highly adaptive or ‘smart’ website. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – and coding in a way which ‘responds’ to the device or viewport which the website encounters. What you get is a more predictable user experience that can make a huge difference to the next visitor to your website.

Although mainly in it’s infancy, Responsive Web Design holds the key to resolve some of the Web’s most frustrating and elusive challenges: How do you design a website once, and have it display properly on desktops, mobile devices and tablets – all without needing any special action by the user to display as intended.

This has been, and will remain Nathan’s focus for the next few years at least.

Sound exciting?

Nathan Pizzo is a highly-motivated person with over 20 years combined experience as a Graphic Artist / Designer and Web Design and Developer.  Building on skills from higher learning with both formal training and current Web-sourced online training, Nathan Pizzo is adept in many areas of web technologies, always eager to learn and grow. His natural curiosity and interest in emerging web tech results in robust, creative solutions to tough usability and web application challenges.

Main Focus of Skills: Responsive User Experience and User Interface Design (UX / UI)

Focusing on responsive interface design (UI) and user experience (UX) with responsive CSS3 and coding with HTML5 and JQuery (and JavaScript) you will find that Nathan is a not your average web designer. Equipped with new tools and powerful strategies, building a ‘smarter’ website is becoming a ‘must have’ to stay ahead of your competitors. As new technologies arrive on the scene, you can count on the fact that Nathan will pick them up earlier, which just means better ROI for you or your company.

OS Proficiency: Fluent on PC Windows XP/ Vista, Macintosh OSX.

CMS Themes / UX / UI Development: WordPress, Durpal, Joomla, and similar CMS/CMF Architecture design and development, Full CSS and HTML/PHP custom theme and plugin enhancements on Drupal 7.x, (including custom module development), Magento, and custom template design for these and other CMS software application platforms.

Productivity / Design Web Software: Adobe Creative Suite (CS3/4/5) including: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Flash.

Microsoft Office 200x Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access. Front Page. SharePoint 3.x. (MOSS).

Main Scripting Knowledge: PHP/MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 JavaScript, ActionScript (Flash).

Although I do not consider myself a programmer, I also have a working knowledge of: JQuery, JAVA, and C#. I am continually expanding education on these items and more. Knowing more of these programming languages and technologies is an avenue to make it easier for me to understand the best way to design User Experience and User Interfaces to work best with the programming backend it is interfacing with. Note: It is not my objective at this point to become a coder or programmer.

Server Operating Systems: Cpanel, VDS and Virtuosso environments, Linux / Apache Servers. Microsoft Server IIS, Microsoft Windows 2003, 2005 Server, and Virtual Server environments, Plesk Control Panel.

Other Specialized Software Skills: 3D Modeling software and design in 3D tools such as 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Cararra Pro 7.x, Mac Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band (music composing / editing). SlideShow Pro, Rendering with particle effects such as Particle Illusion.

Blog / Internet Software: Tons of recent experience with building and customizing WordPress themes, Drupal and Vbulletin custom forum software setups, Blog and custom Database driven page solutions, including fully customized CMS solutions.