About Me

NATHAN PIZZO – 916.792.6915 – nathan@pizzo.com

Quick contact information:

Cell: (916) 792-6915
Email: nathan@pizzo.com

Here are a few recent personal achievements:

Helped raise over $ 508,000.00 for the troops overseas on July 23, 2011.

Built 500 Square foot addition to previous house.

Built and installed 8’x15′ Endless pool, digging foundation and assembling pool kit into 6 foot depth area in backyard. Designed and built backyard layout.

Spent 10 days in Emigrant Wilderness, 42 miles round trip with only the pack on my back, knife and fishing pole to stay alive.


Ran several 5Ks, one in about 24 minutes. (personal best – so far)

Built a 74 Porsche 911 from a project rolling shell to my daily driver. Recently I have added to my weekly activities… Mountain biking has become a passion of mine, and have even had a 3rd and 5th place finish in local race events. In my class I am currently in a good position to end up the season champion by points. It’s a great outlet for stress, and keeps me very fit (and it’s totally fun!)

nate-24min-5K familysummer2012 hawaii 20140430453 IMG_9870b

Building a TearDrop Trailer by hand…

IMG_1658 IMG_1661 IMG_1660 IMG_1816 IMG_1790 IMG_2250IMG_2653 IMG_2583 IMG_2591 IMG_2590

Some of my favorite things:

Family, Skiing, building and driving fine sport cars, trips to the mountains (mountain biking, driving, skiing and hiking).

Leading the pack in Web Design is about as difficult as high end open wheel racing. It’s partly skill, partly focusing on the right things, and having a keen ability to keep learning and adapting to rapidly changing environments as you move forward. As new web technologies show up on the scene I am focused on being able to learn them as soon as possible. The recent trend toward Responsive Web Design, CMS based website building and blog and social networks enabled websites is something that is constantly my goal to learn and improve upon.